273145581_206713920_Img1115“Coach Bob!” “Coach Bob!” Bob McLucas hears this chant in the hallways daily.  Bob has been teaching Stretch-N-Grow for 15 years in and around Austin.  He first got his start soon after he enrolled his own son in a Stretch-N-Grow class at a local day school.  The owner of the master franchise solicited Bob as a Stretch-N-Grow provider and business owner.  After a career in the tech industry, he found Stretch-N-Grow to be a fantastic program for young children and has enthusiastically carried out Stretch-N-Grow ATX ever since.

SNG-Years-15Stretch-N-Grow classes are action packed and designed to get your children moving and motivated for a lifetime of fitness. The Stretch-N-Grow programs promote exercise and wellness for preschool and early elementary-aged children.  It assists parents and child care providers in developing good health and fitness habits in young children.  Our classes focus on the development of the main components of fitness and motor skill development as well as creative thinking, problem solving and social skills. Our thirty- minute class include activities that build endurance, strength, agility, balance and coordination.

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