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FUMP_logo_update_2017_color-300x90“Coach Bob has been conducting classes for First United Methodist Preschool for over a decade.  The children get the gross motor activity they crave while learning about healthy habits and exercise.  Coach Bob is a favorite on campus and brings a great energy to our school. Bob has also been an annual sponsor of our Music Festival, giving back to our school family.”

Sandy Pennington

Preschool Director




“I have know Coach Bob for over ten years, and every year my class is always so excited for Stretch-N-Grow.  Not only do the kids get to play a variety of sports, they also get to learn about muscle and bones.

Coach Bob is always patient and makes sure the kids are having fun while exercising.  We are so lucky to have Stretch-N-Grow here at St. Martin’s.

Ms. Peaches 

3’s Teacher 




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“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Doiron these last two years!  You are really his favorite part of the week. Doiron loves to show me his “awesome moves” & flex his muscles that he learned from Coach Bob!  Funny Story – Last year, when he first started St. David’s as a diaper wearing 3 y.o. & was barely speaking. . .  he would come home & try to tell me about    “sizing with Sponge Bob” took me a good two months for me to figure out he meant “exercising with Coach Bob!”   Thank you again for the love & encouragement and motivation to move the St. David’s kiddos.  They’re lucky to have you!

Teghan Hahn

Stretch-N-Grow ATX Parent & Owner of Toy Joy


For the past 13 years, I have been associated with Stretch N’ Grow and Coach Bob; first as a parent, when my 3 year old son attended Mom’s Group and preschool, then as a teacher with my own pre-school class attending, and finally as the director of the school. The classes are well paced, fun, energetic, age appropriate, and a great way to introduce exercise to our little ones so that they will keep healthy habits throughout their lives. Kudos to Coach Bob McLucas!

Jennifer Wheatley,

Head of School 



IMG_1583 (002)Bob McLucas was highly recommended to me shortly after I started ACE Academy, and he quickly became a strong and stable part of our faculty and of the school’s growth. No child could pass Coach Bob without a big smile and a hopping, eager high-five. Children wanted to update Coach Bob on their latest achievements, show him their somersaults, or just give him a hug. For many, one of the highlights of the week was their PE class with Coach Bob.

Bob was much more than a class provider.  At ACE, Bob was always quick to step in and do whatever needed doing, for a child or for an adult. He helped with our summer program, substituted for teachers, volunteered for events, and even drove and maintained our bus. Bob received our first award for 10 years (out of 10 ½!) of sincere, intentional, loving service. Bob McLucas is a good man and a good teacher. I recommend him without reservation.

Donna Hulsey

Co-Founder and Head of School, ACE Academy/Austin Gifted (2005)

Educational Consultant, Austin


Every child at St. Martin’s looks forward to Coach Bob’s Stretch & Grow class on Fridays. Stretch & Grow is a fun combination of learning and physical activity, and there is no better Coach. We are happy to have Coach Bob in our SMLS family, he is reliable and flexible, energetic and easy going. The Stretch & Grow program is a joy and we are proud to boast about its success!

Calla Woodall



Over the years, I have had the opportunity to watch children doing physical activities during Stretch-N-Grow with Coach Bob. Coach Bob provides a variety of fun and challenging activities to develop coordination and balance. I have watched children get stronger and slowly become more confident on their abilities to do much more than they could before. They also become more responsive to rules and procedure in general. Coach Bob is very affectionate and at the same time he encourages the children to achieve their ultimate best. I would recommend Stretch-N-Grow highly especially for energetic children to have a fun and structured environment.

Tahmina Khanam, PreK Teacher

Gethsemane Lutheran Children’s Ministry